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Specim FX10

Specim's FX10 is the first release from their new FX Series of hyperspectral cameras that finally meet the industrial needs!




The FX10 has a spectral range of 400-1000 nm and features increased flexibility with free wavelength selection from 220 bands, fast optics (F/1.7) with high sensitivity and high signal to noise ratio, extremely high speeds of 330 FPS at full range and up to 9900 FPS for a single band selection, and Plug 'N' Play with every FX unit providing identical results. The FX10 is also much smaller in size than traditional hyperspectral cameras.

Check out the Specim FX10 datasheet for more information or contact us!


Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

AISA systems have been used in a variety of commercial, scientific and public service applications.

Whatever your application, AISA delivers high spectral and spatial resolution at a low cost, with fast turnaround from data collection to information.

Application Spotlight


Detection of Cannabis

Hyperspectral imaging was determined a capable tool to distinguish cannabis plants from surrounding vegetation types in different land uses and from various distance levels.


Machine Vision Cameras

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Specim releases the FX10, the first product in their FX series of hyperspectral cameras designed to meet your industrial needs!

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